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Session 3B: Language

Authors: Buerger, Christoff
Title: Modelica language extensions for practical non-monotonic modelling: on the need for selective model extension
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Authors: Fritzson, Peter and Pop, Adrian and Sjoelund, Martin and Asghar, Adeel
Title: MetaModelica - A Symbolic-Numeric Modelica Language and Comparison to Julia
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Authors: Thiele, Bernhard and Lie, Bernt and Sjoelund, Martin and Pop, Adrian and Fritzson, Peter
Title: Controller Design for a Magnetic Levitation Kit using OpenModelica's Integration with the Julia Language
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Authors: Agosta, Giovanni and Baldino, Emanuele and Casella, Francesco and Cherubin, Stefano and Leva, Alberto and Terraneo, Federico
Title: Towards a High-Performance Modelica Compiler
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