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Papers by Thiele, Bernhard:

Authors: Ochel, Lennart and Braun, Robert and Thiele, Bernhard and Asghar, Adeel and Buffoni, Lena and Eek, Magnus and Fritzson, Peter and Fritzson, Dag and Horkeby, Sune and Haellquist, Robert and Kinnander, Ake and Palanisamy, Arunkumar and Pop, Adrian and Sjoelund, Martin
Title: OMSimulator - Integrated FMI and TLM-based Co-simulation with Composite Model Editing and SSP
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Authors: Thiele, Bernhard and Lie, Bernt and Sjoelund, Martin and Pop, Adrian and Fritzson, Peter
Title: Controller Design for a Magnetic Levitation Kit using OpenModelica's Integration with the Julia Language
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