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Session 6C: Tools

Authors: Pop, Adrian and Oestlund, Per and Casella, Francesco and Sjoelund, Martin and Franke, Ruediger
Title: A New OpenModelica Compiler High Performance Frontend
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Authors: Lie, Bernt and Palanisamy, Arunkumar and Mengist, Alachew and Buffoni, Lena and Sjoelund, Martin and Asghar, Adeel and Pop, Adrian and Fritzson, Peter
Title: OMJulia: An OpenModelica API for Julia-Modelica Interaction
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Authors: Vering, Christian and Hinrichs, Sven and Lauster, Moritz and Mueller, Dirk
Title: """hello, (Modelica) world"": Automated documentation of complex simulation models exemplified by expansion valves"
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