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List of Vendor Sessions

Time / RoomS054S051S053S052S057
17:00-17:45 Altair / Michael Hoffmann
Altair′s Open Integration Platform for Multi-Disciplinary System Simulation
ESI Group / Alex Magdanz
SimulationX 4.0: What's new?
OSMC / Peter Fritzson et al
OpenModelica Status and News
Modelon / Jiri Navratil and Johan Windahl
Making an Impact with Modelica and FMI
Monentia / Jose Juan Hernandez Cabrera
Daccosim NG: co-simulation made simpler and faster
17:45-18:30 Dassault Systemes / Dag Brück et al
Recent updates and candidate directions for development in Dymola and 3DEXPERIENCE
Wolfram / Jan Brugard
Providing Modelica to millions of users
Maplesoft / Stephen Forrest
MapleSim 2018 and Expanded FMI Support
Reseau de Transport d′Electricite RTE / Adrien Guironnet et al
Dynaωo, an open source hybrid C++/Modelica tool for power system simulations
Concurrent / Ramesh Praveenkumar
Running FMUs in real-time under Simulation Workbench (SimWB)
18:30-19:15 Siemens / Bruno Lacabanne
Combining Modelica models, FMUS and causal libraries in a same environment, Simcenter Amesimn
Gaio Technology / Koichi Saito
The consideration and verification of FMI/FMU effective use on embedded software area
Claytex / Mike Dempsey
Modelica and FMI solutions from Claytex
Ansys / Manzoor Tiwana
ANSYS Twin Builder: Simulation based Digital Twin using Modelica