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Industrial User Presentations

On Monday 13:30-16:00 2 sessions of Industrial User Presentations related to the Modelica Association Projects are held:

Industrial User Presentations FMI + DCP + SPP

Room: S054

Presenters:Torsten Blochwitz, Andreas Junghanns, Martin Krammer, Jochen Köhler
Title: Overview over standards FMI + DCP + SSP

Presenters:Christian Bertsch
Title: Usage of FMI at Bosch - status and outlook

Presenters:Tim Schenk, Andres Botero Halblaub and Jan Christoph Wehrstedt
Title: Co-Simulation scenarios in industrial production plants

Presenters:Magnus Eek and Robert Hällqvist
Title: Enhancing the Model Integration Workflow in Aircraft System Simulation using FMI & SSP

Presenters:Nadja Marko, Hannes Schneider, Andreas Biehn and Jonas Rübsam
Title: Simulation of sensor models for testing ADAS using DCP

Presenters:Juan Carlos Mendo, Borja Garcia and Alejandro Torres
Title: Enabling Standardized Distributed Co-Simulation at Boeing

Presenters:Andreas Soppa, Sinan Balci and Martin Benedikt
Title: DCP application use-cases at Volkswagen AG

Industrial User Presentations LANG + LIB

Room: S051

Presenters:Hans Olsson and Thomas Beutlich
Title: Status and further development of Language and Libraries

Presenters:Mathieu Caujolle and Markus Andres
Title: Modeling and simulating hybrid distribution networks with EPSL

Presenters:Manuel Gräber, Jennifer Puschke, Tobias Henß, Eugen Dering, Andreas Pillekeit and Christian Schulze
Title: Physical Modeling of Heat Pumps for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

Presenters:Jungdo Kee, Daeoh Kang, Kwang-Woo Lee and Seung-Jin Heo
Title: Development of MODELICA based vehicle dynamic model considering limited handling for FAD controller

Presenters:Rafal Bryk, Holger Schmidt, Thomas Mull, Ingo Ganzmann and Oliver Herbst
Title: Modeling of Self-Driven Processes in Passive Safety Systems of III+ Generation BWR