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List of Tutorials

Monday March 4, 2019 13:00-16:30

RoomPresentersTitle and Abstract
S053Altair / Livio Mariano Connecting Separated Worlds for True Multi-disciplinary System Simulation - by Using Altair Activate ™
S052OSMC / Peter Fritzson and Adrian Pop Introduction to Modeling, Simulation, Debugging, and Julia Interoperability with Modelica and OpenModelica
S057ESI Group / Thomas Beutlich Creating and Working with Modelica-State-Machines
S157AIT / Edmund Widl The FMI++ Python Interface: A Python package for importing and exporting FMUs
S159OSMC / Lennart Ochel and Robert Braun Introduction to FMI including Model-Exchange and Co-simulation, SSP, and Graphic Editing of Composite FMI Models
S101Dassault / Torsten Sommer Hacking FMI
S103DLR / Andreas Heckmann Modeling and Simulation of Railway Dynamics in Modelica