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Keynote 2

AuthorDr. Gerd Rösel, Continental Regensburg, Germany
Title Simulation Guided Design for New Automotive Applications
AbstractThe Automotive Industry has to cope with disruptive technology and business changes within the next decade. Connected vehicles become reality and drive the development to automated driving. New mobility solutions will have to answer shared economy demands. The regulatory requirement on significant reduction of CO2- and pollutant emission leads to fast changing parallel development of additional propulsion systems in the same period. Consequently, the variety of solutions within a vehicle will have to serve a furthermore increasing complexity from embedded-systems to system-of-systems to cyber-physical-systems.
Simulation guided design is the key to handle such complexity in all areas of application for an automotive supplier to keep quality, time to market and costs under control. The speech covers the main directions of disruptive technology changes and examples of dedicated solutions. There will be examples given which cover virtual function development for embedded systems as well as solutions for predictive maintenance and connected energy management as system-of-systems. The focus will be to point out the necessity to design and optimize such systems by simulation.
BioGerd Rösel is heading the departments Advanced System Engineering for Engine Systems (since 2015) as well as Hybrid Electric Vehicle Business Unit (since 2018) for Continental Powertrain. The application and further development of simulation methodologies is a significant building block in these responsibilities. The variety in simulation technology covers propulsion system simulation as well as specialized simulation in areas like electric machines, mixture formation and NVH.
From 1996 until 2015 he has been responsible in different positions for Gasoline- and Diesel-System-Development for serial and advanced applications. From 1992 to 1997 he was a research associate at Technical University of Dresden and finished with the graduation of Dr.-Ing. in 1997. The Diploma degree in electrical engineering from Technical University of Dresden was achieved in 1992.