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Session 3A: HVAC

Authors: Dhumane, Rohit and Ling, Jiazhen and Aute, Vikrant and Radermacher, Reinhard
Title: Modeling Heat Pump Recharge of a Personal Conditioning System with Latent Heat Storage
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Authors: Wang, Wenyi and Li, Yaoyu
Title: Real-time optimization of intermediate temperature for a cascade heat pump via extreme seeking
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Authors: Li, Zhenning and Qiao, Hongtao and Aute, Vikrant
Title: Tube-fin Heat Exchanger Circuitry Optimization For Improved Performance Under Frosting Conditions
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Authors: Qiao, Hongtao and Han, Xu and Nabi, Saleh and Laughman, Christopher
Title: Coupled Simulation of a Room Air-conditioner with CFD Models for Indoor Environment
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